Adult Division

Providing graduated training and performance opportunities to adult dancers


Berkeley Ballet Theater's Adult Division offers classes on a drop-in basis to students age 13 and up year-round. Classes are available for students of all levels, from ballet fundamentals through advanced ballet and pas de deux classes. The program is structured to allow accomplished dancers to drop-in to any class at their appropriate level, or for new dancers to follow a graduated curriculum as they progress through the levels. 


   This Week's Schedule & Subs.   


Summer Shape-Up: This week-long workshop will jump start your technique, improve your fitness, and sculpt your body into long, strong ballet lines. Aug. 18 - 22. Registration Info. 


Performances: Interested adult students are encouraged to participate in our spring adult performance, which provides a unique opportunity for dancers of all levels to experience the exhilaration of performing in a professional theater. Start taking class now so that you can be sure to be included in the performance! Register now for the 2014 Performance


Fees: Adult classes can be paid by cash or check only. 


Single Barre Rate Single Class Rate College Student Rate Number of Classes per Month 4 8 12 16 20 Unlimited
$11 $15 $12 Cost of 30-day Card $55 $100 $135 $165 $187 $208


Dress Code and Policies: There is no dress code in the Adult Division. For students who don't have ballet clothing, yoga, sweats or gym wear are all acceptable. We highly recommend purchasing ballet slippers, though socks can be work for the first couple of classes.



Advanced Ballet: Robert Dekkers, Robert Greer, Michael Lowe, Ilona McHugh, Sally Streets, Susan Weber

Intermediate Ballet: Patricia Banchik, Ilona McHugh, Xiao Liu-Moore

Beginning to Intermediate Ballet: Graciela Acedo, Coreen Danaher, Robert Greer, Kim Ratcliffe, Sudabeh Samori

Beginning Ballet: Robert Greer, Deborah Moss*

Fundamentals Ballet: Robert Greer

Pilates: Elizabeth DuVal


Workshops: BBT also offers quarterly adult workshops and master classes including modern, Franklin, pas de deux and more. 


Work Study Program: The work study program is currently full. Please check back for updates. This program offers adult students complimentary classes in exchange for work in the studio. For more information please contact the work study coordinator: Ali Taylor Lange, or (510) 843-4687 x114. 

Desk Aides: Desk aides are responsible for signing in students to each class. For each hour worked desk aides earn one complementary class.
Cleaning Aides: Cleaning aides work during off-hours to keep the studios tidy. For each hour worked, cleaning aides earn one complementary class.