Enrollment for Level 8

Please contact BBT School Director Elizabeth Farotte Heenan with placement inquiries: lizfh@berkeleyballet.org

Dancers attend all days and times listed with a level’s schedule. Women’s Syllabus dancers attend Pointe classes; Men’s Syllabus dancers attend Men’s Technique classes.

Dancers in Level 8 may enroll in BBT’s Studio Company. Studio Company dancers are expected to hold all rehearsal days and times; cast-specific schedules will be posted to BBT’s website.

Youth Division dancers in Levels 4–9 study the Women’s Syllabus or Men’s Syllabus; Syllabi supplement dancers’ combined Ballet and Modern training with classes in Pre-Pointe / Pointe and Men’s Technique. BBT welcomes each dancer to select their preferred Syllabus: Selection does not need to reflect a dancer’s gender identity. Level-specific Syllabi facilitate a dancer’s meaningful exploration of classical ballet and the pursuit of their long-term dance goals. BBT continues to step beyond the traditional rigidity of our art form by supporting dancers’ unique interests, ambitions, and objectives.

Level-specific Men and Women’s Syllabi are cumulative; BBT asks dancers to be consistent with their selection from season to season to avoid falling behind their classmates. We encourage dancers with questions regarding Syllabus choice to schedule a meeting with the Artistic Staff.

Youth Division Level 8:

  • Tuesday 4:15pm–6:00pm. Level 8, 9 Technique with Susan Weber

  • Wednesday 4:15pm–6:00pm. Level 8, 9 Technique with Robert Dekkers

  • Wednesday 6:00pm–6:30pm. Level 8, 9 Contemporary Repertoire with Chris Lam

  • Wednesday 6:30pm–7:45pm. Level 8, 9 Modern with Victor Talledos

  • Thursday 6:00pm–6:45pm. Level 8, 9 Men's Technique with Sandra Chinn

  • Thursday 6:00pm–7:45pm. Level 8 Technique with Chris Lam

  • Thursday 7:45pm–8:30pm. Level 8 Pointe with Chris Lam

  • Friday 4:15pm–6:00pm. Level 8, 9 Technique with Kaori Ogasawara

  • Friday 6:00pm–6:30pm. Level 6, 7, 8 Pointe with Robert Dekkers

  • Saturday 9:45am–10:30am. Level 8, 9 Pilates with Holly Fernandez

  • Saturday 10:45am–12:15pm. Level 8, 9 Technique with Sally Streets

  • Saturday 12:30pm–1:00pm. Level 8, 9 Men's Technique with Ray Tilton

  • Saturday 12:30pm–1:00pm. Level 8, 9 Pointe with Kaori Ogasawara

  • Saturday 1:00pm–2:00pm. Level 9, Men Level 8 Pas with Ray Tilton

  • Saturday 1:00pm–1:45pm. Level 8 Pointe Variations with Kaori Ogasawara

Studio Company:

  • Tuesday 6:00pm–7:45pm. Studio Company Rehearsal

  • Friday 6:15pm–8:30pm. Studio Company Rehearsal

  • Saturday 2:00pm–5:30pm. Studio Company Rehearsal