Adult open division and workshops

MindBody Account Management

BBT facilitates the Adult Open Division through ‘MindBody’, an account-based software system through which dancers purchase class credits, then use them by signing into class at BBT (1370 Tenth Street, Berkeley, CA).


Use the gray tabs at the top of MindBody webpages to navigate:

  1. CLASSES: Access the Adult Open Division schedule.

  2. ENROLLMENTS: Access and enroll into available workshops.

  3. MY INFO: Access profile and payment information.

  4. ONLINE STORE: Access the online store. Dancers can purchase Class Credits to attend Adult Open Division classes.

At the top of the MindBody web page, dancers can either "Log In" or "Create an Account”


Create an Account / Log In

If you are unsure whether you already have an account:

  1. Click “Need a new password?”. Input an accessible email address. Click Next.

 Create an Account:

  1. Input an accessible email address. Click Next. A “Create an Account” web page will follow.

  2. Under “Contact Information”, input your first and last name; let us know how you heard about BBT by selecting from the drop-down menu.

  3. Under “Login”, your email address will have been auto-populated. Compose and input a password.

  4. Read the “Liability Waiver”, click the gray box next to “I agree with the above terms”, and click the blue “Create Account” box. A “Profile” web page will follow.

  5. On the “Profile” web page, under “Billing Information”, input accessible credit card information. This card will not be charged, but will be saved to your BBT MindBody profile for class purchases; you may also choose to input your credit card details at the check-out web page to finalize each purchase.

  6. Your profile is complete! Three large tabs at the top of the “Profile” web page will allow you to check the BBT schedule (“Classes”), edit your profile (“My Info”), or purchase BBT class credits (“Online Store”). For more information on the latter, see below.

Log In:

  1. Input your email address and password.

  2. The “Profile” web page will follow; see steps 5–6 above.



Classes can be purchased individually or in discounted packs from the “Online Store” tab. Select the sub-tab “Series and Membership” and item “Ballet Classes” for all AOD classes.

Details on active classes credits are available on your profile at “My Info” / “Account”.

If you have pre-purchased class credit:

  1. When you arrive at BBT to attend a class, you must sign-in on the tablet device.

  2. Search for and select your account name

  3. Then select the circle next to your name on the sign-in page (detailed instructions are provided).

  4. One class will be automatically deducted from your purchased credit.

If you have not pre-purchased class credit (reconciling unpaid classes):

  1. When you arrive at BBT to attend a class, you must sign-in on the studio’s tablet device.

  2. Search for and select your account name.

  3. Then select the circle next to your name on the sign-in page (detailed instructions are provided near the tablet).

  4. A red bar will appear, indicating the number of classes owed.

  5. Within the next 48 hours, please log into your MindBody account, then:

    • Select the “Online Store” tab.

    • Select the "Series and Membership" tab.

    • Select “Class Credits” from the drop-down menu, and then the appropriate number of class credits.

    • If your account fails to reconcile, please feel free to contact for assistance. Note that, whether you are paying for the class taken or purchasing a larger pack of classes at a discount, a yellow bar will indicate that you are “Reconciling [#] unpaid(s) from [class date]”.


MindBody Trouble-Shooting

  • Desktop: Your MindBody App login will not work and your passes will not sync if you have not logged into the business' desktop site before.

  • Booking: Visitors navigating MindBody can view schedules and businesses as a Guest—Guests are stopped short of booking because they are not logged in. Please be sure that you are fully logged in when purchasing class credits to BBT in the online store.

  • Syncing: Clients must finish the sign-up and sync process. They can finish the process by following the steps listed here.

  • App Experience: If using the MindBody App, BBT recommends clients make sure that they are on the latest version of the app.

  • For further questions please utilize the MindBody Support page and email