Pre-ballet division (ages 2-8)

Inspiring young minds, transforming lives


Berkeley Ballet Theater is honored to provide many young dancers with their first steps in the ballet studio and a first glimpse at the life of a dancer. BBT's Pre-Ballet teachers are knowledgable in both the art of dance as well as early childhood development. BBT understands that children develop at different rates and encourages parents and guardians to find a class that best serves their dancer. 

Dancers in BBT's Pre-Ballet Division enjoy a mix of physical movement, creative play, exploration in rhythm and shape, as well as lessons in taking turns, holding still, confidence, patience, and listening. The goal is to instill a love of dance that carries them throughout the rigorous training that comes upon entering the Youth Division.


BBT offers Pre-Ballet Division classes on Sessional (We Dance Together and Twinkle Toes classes) and Seasonal (Pre-Ballet and Primary classes) schedules.  

All 2018-2019 Pre-Ballet classes begin the week of September 10, 2018.

Pre-Ballet Division enrollment:

  • Spring Sessional: Now Open!

  • 2019 Summer: Now Open!

  • 2018–19 Seasonal: Closed

We Dance Together is designed to introduce children ages 2-4 to the joy of dance and storytelling with the security of having a parent/guardian in the studio. 

Twinkle Toes is an imaginative and play-based 45-minute dance class encouraging children ages 3–4 to enjoy class on their own.

Pre-Ballet is your child’s first encounter with finding excitement in the structure and detail of classical ballet training and is developed for children ages 3–8. Pre-Ballet classes introduce children to the joys of ballet study through imaginative and creative exercises designed to develop studio etiquette, active listening, coordination, and spatial awareness. These classes culminate with optional participation in the Pre-Ballet Showcase. School uniform is required.

Primary Class is a stepping stone between the Pre-Ballet Division and Youth Division. This class includes some barre work and prepares
dancers for Youth Division Level 1. The Pre-Ballet (Ages 6-7) class may also be taken prior to Youth Division Level 1.

Pre-Ballet teacher Lindsay Leonard  with the students in BBT's "Studio 1," photo by Natalia Perez

Pre-Ballet teacher Lindsay Leonard with the students in BBT's "Studio 1," photo by Natalia Perez

BBT Pre-Ballet dancer , photo by Natalia Perez

BBT Pre-Ballet dancer, photo by Natalia Perez