Pre-ballet division (Ages 3-8)

Pre-Ballet classes by age

Pre-Ballet is your child’s first encounter with finding excitement in the structure and detail of classical ballet training and is developed for children ages 3–8. Pre-Ballet classes introduce children to the joys of ballet study through imaginative and creative exercises designed to develop studio etiquette, active listening, coordination, and spatial awareness.

2019–19 Season classes are offered as a school year program beginning the week of September 10, 2018.

The School Year culminates with optional participation in the Pre-Ballet Showcase on June 8, 2019.

School uniform is required.

Summer 2019 enrollment is now open!

Summer 2019: Friday and Saturday Pre-Ballet classes by age

Friday Classes: FRIDAY: JULY 12, 2019 – AUGUST 30, 2019

60 Minutes

Saturday Classes: Saturday: JULY 13, 2019 – AUGUST 31, 2019

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

Enrollment is subject to availability.

Tuition will be prorated to reflect a dancer’s start date after they have enrolled online.

2018–19 Season: Saturday Pre-Ballet classes by age (Enrollment Closed)

BBT Pre-Ballet dancers,  photo by Natalia Perez

BBT Pre-Ballet dancers, photo by Natalia Perez


2018–19 Season: Weekday Pre-Ballet classes by age (Enrollment Closed)


60 Minutes

Primary Class is a stepping stone between the Pre-Ballet Division and Youth Division.  This class includes some barre work and prepares dancers for Youth Division Level 1.  The Pre-Ballet (Ages 6-7) class may also be taken prior to Youth Division Level 1.