Pre-ballet Division (Ages 2.5-8)

Pre-Ballet Policies

  • Enrollment:

    • Families are required to enroll in the class corresponding with their dancer’s age. Dancers must meet the minimum age requirement by the start date of a class (sessional classes) or the first day of the school year (school year classes).

    • If there are multiple options for your dancer’s age, please enroll in your first choice class based on teacher and time slot preference. BBT believes each child develops at his or her own pace. If your child’s age qualifies him or her for multiple classes, please select the class that best fits your child’s needs.

    • Please feel free to contact the BBT office if you have questions regarding a dancer’s placement. New families may be contacted by BBT’s School Director for a brief intake conversation after completing registration.

  • Tuition Payments:

    • BBT manages enrollment through the “JackRabbit Class” application. Submitted payment information is saved to your account for your future use; BBT does not automatically charge credit cards. After enrollment, BBT will double-check enrollment details, post tuition fees to your account, and contact you with a confirmation email that includes payment and other information.