Berkeley Ballet Theater + Post:Ballet Partnership FAQ

How does this affect me? I’m a…

Youth Division dancer: This partnership will provide increased performance opportunities and connections to choreographers, master teachers, and collaborators that will enrich your experience at BBT. Your daily schedule, matriculation through the school, and annual performance opportunities in Nutcracker and Spring Recital will not be affected.

Studio Company dancer: The partnership between BBT and Post will bring you new choreographic workshops, mentorship experiences, and exposure to professional dancers and collaborating artists in the months and years ahead. Your daily schedule, matriculation through the school, and annual performance opportunities in Nutcracker and Spring Recital will not be affected, but you will have increased performance opportunities with the company and its collaborators moving forward.

Adult Open Division dancer: The partnership will not affect your class schedule or performance opportunities in Collage, but it will bring additional performance experiences, master classes, and acclaimed faculty to the AOD community.

Dance for PD® member: Your class schedule will not be affected by this partnership, but it will bring you increased exposure to professional dancers and innovative choreographers in the months and years ahead.

Pre-Ballet dancer: Your class schedule and performance opportunities in BBT’s annual Pre-Ballet Showcase will not be affected by this partnership.


When is Post:Ballet rehearsing?

Post will be in the BBT studios for 15 weeks of rehearsals throughout the Season. The Company will continue to work during its current schedule (M-F between 11:30am - 3:30pm).


Will BBT’s studio availability change?

No. The partnership will not impact existing BBT programming.


How will Mr. Robert’s time be divided between Post:Ballet and BBT?

This partnership will allow Robert to coalesce his existing workload for both organizations in a meaningful way, enabling him to better focus on the work of each one as well as their potential to positively impact one another in the months and years ahead.


Where will Post:Ballet perform?

Post:Ballet will continue to perform in venues across San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. 


Will Post:Ballet dancers perform the lead roles in BBT productions?

No. BBT will continue to promote student dancers performing lead roles in all of its productions as much as possible. On occasion, BBT has brought in professional dancers to perform lead roles in The Nutcracker and Spring Performance Series to allow the organization to present professional-level productions and to ensure that student dancers are not cast in roles that are unsafe or would otherwise not be the most beneficial experience for the dancer.


Will Post:Ballet’s artistry or aesthetic change?

No. Post:Ballet’s artistic vision, mission, and performance aesthetic and quality will not be impacted by the partnership. The artistic identity that has been cultivated over the last decade of work will continue to expand and flourish under Robert’s leadership and the artistic leadership of the Post:Core.


Are the two organizations merged?

For the duration of the two-year partnership, both organizations will retain their autonomy. Each organization will be led by Robert Dekkers as Artistic Director and Ali Taylor Lange as Executive Director under a Board of Directors comprised of the existing BBT Board of Directors and Post:Ballet Board of Advisors. 


When I donate money, which organization am I supporting?

Donors for Berkeley Ballet Theater and Post:Ballet are asked to make all donations payable to "Berkeley Ballet Theater" with a note in the memo line if you'd like to exclusively support the work of one institution.


How can I participate in the Post:Ballet performances?

Whenever students at BBT have the opportunity to participate in Post productions, notifications will be posted at the BBT Studios and sent to the community via the mailing lists.


You didn’t answer my question! Who can I reach out to?

We encourage all community members to reach out to Executive Director Ali Taylor Lange (